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Well-Senior Group

Well-Senior Group


Promote innovative projects in the silver economy sector, to provide high levels of well-being to customers, satisfaction to employees and to safely generate added value for investors

Well-Senior Group

Prospects & Strategic Direction

Prospects & Strategic Direction


Create added value for our investors

Ensure good profitability margins for financial activities under our management

Promote forms of innovative investment and reduced risk

Assisted Residences & Services

Residences & Services

The Well-Senior project for Residences & Services consistes of developing a model of social and helath equipements for seniors:

  • Assited Residences

  • Serviced Apartaments

  • Mental Care Facilities

  • Continued Care Facilities



We want to be a reference in accomodation and services provided to the senior population in Portugal and Europe by modifying the concept of this institutions. We want to remove the concept of "institution" and highlight the home feeling.

Well-Senior's objetive is to build, until 2024, a significant number of facilities with an investment near the 40 Million Euros with a capacity for 600 clients. Our objectives are aligned with the the Strategic Direction of the Group.


Monetize capital with a yield higher than 8%

Diversify forms of financing to at least three pillars

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